Work from home and keep your personal life separate.

When you can work from home, sometimes home life can intrude, remember the live BBC interview that had an unexpected visitor.. How do you retain the all important work and home life barrier?

We recently went back to visit a client to treat the cladding on their garden room with a protective oil, have a catch up with a cuppa and see how they are getting on, it’s great seeing our buildings once they have been lived in for a time, marks up the walls and truly someone’s personal space.

He seemed like a far less stressed individual, I asked how he was getting on with his new office and his new job which allowed him to work from home. He waxed lyrical on the benefits he has found and gave some great points to consider.

Prior to this new role he commuted for hours on the train back and forward Birmingham to London and often staying away from home for days at end dreaming of being able to work from home, which did cause stress on the family, in particular, his wife who had to manage the household in his absence, simple things like looking after the animals, managing the kids and their activities and general ABC’s of life put a lot of pressure on her. He could now share that burden with her and even get a lie in.

I asked him, “What are the main factors he had noticed that’s improved his situation”.

He has become more disciplined with his time, he has gained an extra two hours at home before he has to start work, he chuckled that at the beginning his wife had a huge list of tasks for him to do in the day, as he’s at home he can do more around the house. He is able to get a load of washing started and sort the kids ready for school. Time with the kids is amazing being in the house either side of their school day.

Having the garden office means he no longer has all his paperwork strewn across the kitchen table, “why do cats love sitting on sheets of A4 paper and usually the document I need”, he said. The cats are banned from his office.

I love this, when he goes to work, he heads out the front door and locks up, walks the dog around the block and enters the garden through the side gate, he states this is the best differentiator between work and home time.

Lunchtime – the same routine, walk the dog around the block and back in the front door. He uses this break to eat lunch but still has time to carry on with some chores, I can easily pop to the shop on my walk if we need anything, it’s brilliant.

He takes water up there morning and afternoon, switches his Sonos on and listens to music, its warm, comfy and mine. And the dogs’ kennel.

He stated, “The best of it is, at five o’clock I am logged out, shut everything down, laptop in the bag on my way home, I’m finished, I have some time with the kids and their homework with tea made before my wife gets home”.

Happy wife – happy life. Garden office


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