What Options Are There For Heating A Garden Room?

Heating a garden room is a great discussion point, I will write a separate blog on insulating a shed or summerhouse, the key factor for me is our buildings are super insulated typically using 100mm of insulation in the floors walls and roofs. Our construction method is to try and eliminate thermal bridging where possible. Thermal bridging is simple to explain with our buildings, if you have a single wall building like a shed or summerhouse when the temperature is cold outside it travels straight through the wall and is cold on the inside, we introduce air gaps within our walls and minimise and solid mass bridging to the outside world.

With regards heating a garden room I personally love Winterheat Low energy Ceramic Wall Panel heaters for a number of reasons, they are super compact and only protrude 28mm off the wall, the other brilliant thing is that they are paintable and almost hidden in the room. These are available for around £50.

You can go for an oil filled radiator which can be either freestanding and on wheels or there are wall mounted options which again simply plug into the mains, the simple solution for heating a garden room.

The ultimate method of heating a garden room is a wood-burning stove, the heat output is immense and there is nothing better than chilling out with a cuppa watching the flames dancing. They do need to be cleaned out regularly and we need to add trim detail for the chimney to exit the building. They do require quite a bit of space within the building to sit on a hearth and we would need to work with you to find a HETAS registered fitter to carry out the installation. Wood fired burners start at around £500 and go up from there depending on the size and style, a heating expert will help advise on the size based upon the size of your room. Take a look at Woody Stoves for inspiration.

If you don’t want the mess of a wood burning stove, you could go with an electric stove, they look like the log burners but run off the mains with no maintaining, switch it on and away it goes.

We can also fit underfloor heating to your room which is installed before we lay and laminate flooring, it feels lovely underfoot and gives off a lovely ambient heat.


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