How to Secure a Garden Office

A question we always get asked, how do you secure a garden office? Well there are a few tips and tricks, some should be a standard part of the garden office design and other are extras that can be installed by your builder or yourself after the room is finished.

The Garden Office Design

Here at Garden Room Masters we design our buildings to be a secure as possible in regards to the structure and windows/doors used:

Walls – Layers

By having multiple layer walls it is very difficult for an intruder to get through without getting out some serious equipment, which will ultimately attract unwanted attention. Unlike a shed or log cabin, which are single skinned, a well designed garden office is a solid structure by default and this is the basis of a secure garden office.

Doors & Windows

All garden office designs should include the same double glazed units found in modern house builds, with the frames in either UPVC or Aluminium, if not walk away. This gives the same base security level as a modern dwelling.


Burglar Alarm

It sounds obvious really when looking to secure a garden office, but often overlooked. We offer these as an extra on our builds as it’s always easier to hide cable during a build than after, those who have recently purchased a new house will appreciate this. There are of course aftermarket wireless systems that can be installed after the build, such as the Yale systems:


As mentioned with the alarm system, these can be installed during the build or after to help to get a secure garden office. We would recommend you have a multicam system which covers the internals and externals of the garden office. Including one pointing at the garden office from the house. These can also be linked to your home network and be monitored from a phone or tablet, with the ability to save the recordings locally or in the cloud. Smart systems are available now, which link to your entire home network such as NEST.

Security Lights

A classic but effective deterrent, no criminal wants to be fully lit up whilst trying to carry out their business. These are now available in solar powered versions so no need to run cables. External lights on the garden office can also run off a PIR sensor so they turn on when motion is detected.

Hints and tips on how to secure a garden office.

With all the gadgets and tech mentioned above sometimes a little common sense always helps, such as:

  • Don’t leave valuable items on display.
  • Use blinds over windows so they can be closed.
  • If you have a laptop, take it with you.
  • Have secured cabinets to store high value items in.
  • Invest in a safe and secure it down.
  • Keep backups of data off-site.
  • Make sure you are fully insured.
  • Keep the access to the garden secure.

If you get the basics right you are well on the way to having a secure garden office.

Take a look at our garden office design here:


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