Garden Gym – Join the Gym Without Joining the Gym!

Not being a gym buff myself I think if I had a treadmill it would end up being an expensive clothes rail and somewhere to put my site boots on, but with the flexibility a garden gym that may change my mind.

Joking aside, we are working with a large amount of health conscious people typically with busy lives who pay extortionate amounts of money to be members of a gym that they can only really use in busy peak time due to work and life commitments.

Adding a garden room to be used as a gym is a brilliant idea, even better if you can double up on other functionality. One of our clients did exactly this, creating a gym and play room combined into one amazing space.

If you can maximise on the allowed space without planning permissions, 30m2 is actually a massive room. As there is a height restriction on 2.5m we need to be mindful of the equipment going within, however, I had loads of headroom ‘walking’ on a treadmill watching the wall mounted TV and listening to music coming out the surround sound speakers.

And depending upon the equipment we can easily increase the strength of the floor locally if needed, and add rubber matting if needed.

Another great feature in a garden gym is adding large bi-folding doors which allows you to fully open the doors and create an airy space, adding a decking can extend the space even further and set up exercise equipment outside.

Adding a wet room can really increase the wow factor of the space.

Whatever, you want the space to be the extra space fits your needs now but by adding the space will have an impact on future buyers if you decide to sell up and move, your gym might be their office and granny annexe.

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