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Garden Room Masters is the brainchild of Barry and Chris, two very passionate Product Designers whose love of making and creating things have brought them together to Design and Build Stunning Garden Rooms and extensions to living spaces.  With almost 40 years’ experience within the design and engineering industry and through working closely together they came together to build their first building, which now serves as their design studio.

Barry needed a space to work at home, away from the kids and other distractions and the pair bounce ideas off one another until they built their first building and learnt some invaluable skills along the way, not to mention cuts and grazes.

Realizing there was a market for combining their passion for design and the creation of these truly wonderful spaces the pair have set about building a business which is set to soar based upon their vision of how they can supply a vast range of design options to suit any budget, from a simple summer room to sit and read the paper in on a Sunday morning, an extra room to fill with bean bags for the kids to a fully kitted out living space with a log fire!

Being designers themselves, they know the secret is to capture the customers’ needs and requirements and fulfill with delight within their budget, what makes a design standout is the attention to detail and using the correct materials and methods to achieve the desired effect.

These aren’t just sheds with desks and chairs in, these are well thought out extensions to your home, design lives…



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