How Do I Get WiFi In My Garden Office

Getting garden office WiFi is a necessity for so many reasons, working remotely and accessing emails and the internet, often you may need to access conference calls or run an ecommerce business from your garden office. The space may be used for teenagers taking over the garden room as their bolt hole away from the house to stream music and youtube, in peace as all teenagers do.

We have connected garden offices to the internet in a number of methods as usually the broadband router within the house does not have enough strength to reach to the garden office.

At Garden Room Masters we are in love with this system of getting wifi into a garden office

Wifi using the home power lines with Devolo for garden office WiFi

We had such a blown away moment when we discovered this system, it seems to be the easiest and best system we have found, it works by connecting the base unit to your broadband router, it uses your home electric ring main to the powered garden building, it is simply plug and play, you can add more units to give wifi to every room in your house.

No digging, no running and fixing of cable, no hassle…

We are running it here in our offices and now have wifi in the workshop

Hardwiring via an Ethernet Cable

This method does offer a very stable solution as it is directly connected to the broadband router in the house and a physical connection is made within the garden office either by running the cat5 ethernet cable into the wall cavity and out through a wall mounted port to connect directly or to wifi extender to get garden office wifi.

The downside is you either have to have a large trench dug down the garden to hide the cable or run an armoured cable along a fence to the garden building.

Garden Wifi Booster

This is quite a cool idea for just having wifi in the garden in general, especially if you are in the garden or patio and down want to use mobile data on your phone, it connect to the broadband router and is mounted on an exterior wall to transmit wifi, I cannot guarantee if it will work within one of our buildings due to the amount of insulation we have within the walls of our garden offices.

For £35 I am thinking of adding one of these outside for when BBQ season comes along.

Point to point

The point to point system is a more robust answer to the garden booster in that there are two units fitted in line of site with one another and transmit between the two units which will enable wifi within the garden building.  This offers serious benefit in the fact you do not have to dig a huge trench down the garden. the only downside I can see is that the two units need to be in the line of site, trees and other obstacles can cause a disruption in the signal.

Point to Multi-Point

Working closely with both commercial glamping sites installing our glamping pods and working with Network specialists there is another great option called Point to Multi-Point system.

This works by having a base unit transmitting to a number of receivers around the site giving wifi within each glamping pod adding serious value to your paying clients, especially if they have kids and tablets.

A more expensive solution but aimed at a commercial venture rather than a garden office.

“It’s pretty fly for a WiFi”….. If the Offspring did garden rooms!


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